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Laptop Screen Repair

It does not matter how carefully you take care of your hardware or laptop screen may get cracked or broken. Replacing the laptop screen is not an easy task. It requires experience and perfect tools. Since your laptop screen does not display, it does not mean that your laptop is damaged, you can get your laptop screen repaired and can use your laptop easily.   

Factors to be Considered before DIY Laptop Screen Repair Service

Here some important factors are mentioned that you should keep in your mind before repairing the laptop screen. 

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1. Know Your Model And Assess The Damage

Know Your Model And Assess The DamageBefore replacing the laptop screen, you have to do little research regarding the laptop model and finding the right screen for the laptop. Power your laptop to identify that issue is only with the laptop screen. If your laptop works properly, then only you have to fix the screen of your laptop. After a complete inspection of the laptop, you are now ready to get the right screen that can be used as a replacement object.

2. Find The Correct Screen

You should purchase the right and appropriate screen for your laptop as per the model number of your laptop. The screen size should be suitable according to the previous laptop screen. Several laptop companies offer tools kits along with screens so that the repair process should be easier. If you are confused with the screen size, then you can get the exact model number from the “settings” menu.

3. Get The Right Tools And Open The Screen

You will require proper and specified tools for repairing the laptop screen. These tools will help you in doing efficient and fast replacement of the laptop screen. You will require-

  • A magnetic screwdriver
  • A flat and clean surface where you can do these all operations
  • A small pin for removing the bezel.
  • Tape or something adhesive to fix the screen to the laptop frame
  • A knife for removing the screen bezel

Once you assemble all the required tools, then it’s time to repair the screen. Lay down the laptop on the flat and clean surface and keep all tools close to it so that you can use it as per the requirement. 

  • Please turn off the power source of the laptop and ensure that it is free from power sources. It is so that you remain safe from electric shock. After that, separate the battery of the laptop.  
  • Carefully remove the bezel. You have to remove it with patience. 
  • You can use a safety pin or needle to remove the bezel. After removing, place them in the correct position and place.  
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the screws by keeping in mind that righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. You may notice that some of the screws are easy to open while some are quite tight to operate.
  • Now you have to remove the LCD screen of the laptop.
  • After removing the broken or damaged screen, place the new screen in the correct position and manner. 
  • You have to place the screen in the right down so that it fits with the frame and reattach the bezel.
  • Now your screen is successfully inserted, and you can enjoy your laptop once again.   


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